8 Billion Trees: Social justice organization using trees to make an even bigger impact

Wouldn’t it be awesome if social justice could unite with climate justice to deliver real benefits for the planet? That’s exactly what Background Check Repair is doing.

They’re helping people clean up their records and helping the planet clean up emissions by partnering with the tree planting enterprise, 8 Billion Trees, which has supported the planting of over 14 million trees so far.

Here’s how it works.

Personal impact: clearing personal public records

Background Check Repair provides free resources, steps, and information for underprivileged and socioeconomically disadvantaged individuals, which can be used for both knowing what does a background check show as well as actually removing outdated or incorrect public records that may appear.

Since over 75 percent of employers now conduct background screenings (as well as many residency applications and other background checks), removing these damaging records can mean a life-changing difference for many people.

In the last few years, many states have enacted recent laws to make expunging records easier. This means that a person’s criminal or background check records don’t have to disqualify them from better opportunities, especially if the conviction was a first-time offense.

By providing free access to personal background check information and public records, anyone can use these resources to enhance their employment and living options.

Ecological impact: restoring the planet

But, while helping people clear their personal public records, Background Check Repair also partners with 8 Billion Trees and Eden Reforestation Projects to help restore the planet’s delicate ecosystems that have been destroyed over the last century.

These tree planting organizations help rebuild damaged forests around the globe, using native species to repopulate devastated areas and forests that have been lost to both man-made clearing and climate change problems, such as increased wildfires and droughts.

By restoring the planet’s vital carbon sinks, the benefits to everyone will continue to grow.

Tree planting partnership: 2 million trees in 2023

In addition to their current planting sites, 8 Billion Trees has joined forces to plant 2 million trees with Eden Reforestation in Honduras, Madagascar, and Mozambique.

Honduras has lost over a million hectares of forest in the last two decades due to a deadly, diseased pine beetle. But, by replanting these forests, the new trees will provide the basis needed to restore the rich biodiversity and healthy freshwater reservoirs that the people desperately need to survive.

At the Madagascar site, the country is dealing with a 90 percent loss of forests, especially the Mangrove system that is crucial for protecting the island during tropical storms as well as providing fisheries for food. By replanting these mangrove areas, the teams provide a livelihood for the local residents and help invest in a stronger future for the entire planet.

At two planting sites in Mozambique, a total of 1.46 million trees will be planted, in order to rebuild crucial habitats and ecosystems.

Making a positive impact in someone’s life is one of the best things anyone can do. That’s why Background Check Repair is working with 8 Billion Trees and Eden Reforestation Projects to not only help make social justice a part of everyday life but also work toward a future where environmental restoration is the reality.