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8 Billion trees renews partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects

The problems facing our planet today are too big to tackle alone. That’s why 8 Billion Trees has renewed its partnership with Eden Reforestation Projects for 2023, making a commitment to plant two million new trees over the next 12 months.

In order to make a difference for the environment and the climate—as soon as possible—tree planting organizations must join forces to have the biggest positive impact.

With 8 Billion Trees’ current number of trees planted reaching over 14 million total, the goals for 2023 are designed to keep increasing that amount.

On top of providing carbon offsets and calculators, the company is expanding their environmental t-shirt collection and aims to spread awareness about deforestation to even more people this year.

New Honduras planting site

In addition to the current planting sites, 8 Billion Trees will now be supporting the planting of trees in Honduras. A total of 360,000 trees will be planted at La Muralla 1 and La Muralla 2.

This planting is crucial since Honduras has lost over a million hectares of forest in the last 20 years to diseased pine beetles. Rebuilding these lost forests will help renew biodiversity and restore the fresh water supply so desperately needed.

Madagascar planting site

At the Madagascar site, Aranta 13, 179,960 trees will be planted to reforest the massive 90 percent loss of forests the country is enduring.

Most importantly, mangroves are being replanted and protected to help restore the fisheries needed for the native population’s source of food, as well as help protect the island during hurricanes and floods.

Mozambique planting sites

At two planting sites in Mozambique, a total of 1.46 million trees will be planted. At least 960,000 of those will be located at Natsisone and the other 500,040 will flourish in Maputo/Madjuva.

Nearly half the population depends on the forests for their livelihood, but as mass clearing and burning are carried out to create grazing areas, the impact has been devastating. Rebuilding habitats and ecosystems through dedicated reforestation efforts can help renew biodiversity and bring back the protection and planetary health derived from thriving forests.

This planting partnership focuses on holistic renewal for both the ecosystems and the people and animals that rely on them.

Both Eden Reforestation and 8 Billion Trees work to meet and restore the needs of the environment with the needs of the people, creating jobs, providing fresh water, and helping rebuild habitats that encourage spontaneous replenishment of the resources the planet needs to maintain its health and inhabitants.

By working together, the two million trees planted this year will help remove over 182,500 tons of CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

And, as the trees grow and are protected, the benefits to the planet will continue to grow along with them, helping restore what has been destroyed, fighting climate change, and building a brighter future.