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8 Billion Trees expands carbon offsetting: launches new planting site

8 Billion Trees planting team in the Amazon

When considering how to make an impact that will not only benefit the planet immediately but for years to come, it’s hard to think of something better to focus on than trees.

As the world’s most prolific and impactful tree planting organization, Eden understands this on an intimate level. Naturally, when 8 Billion Trees decided to increase efforts aimed at restoring habitats for endangered species (like the lemurs in Madagascar) while also alleviating severe poverty and restoring the planet’s biodiversity, it looked to Eden to make it a reality.

Planting even more trees in Madagascar, Eden will now utilize increased funding and support from 8 Billion Trees to expand upon sites in Aranta and Madjuva. In these two areas combined, Eden will now plant almost 100,000 new trees every single month!

While 8 Billion Trees prioritizes the carbon offsetting and habitat restoration benefits of tree planting and conservation, Eden operates with the main objective of relieving peoples from extreme poverty through the amazing resources and income trees can provide.

Focused on expanding this shared goal to alleviate poverty, Eden will also be launching a new project in Nicaragua through funding provided by 8 Billion Trees!

Reviewing 8 Billion trees new planting area through Eden: Nicaragua

Leaning on Eden’s expertise in navigating the many obstacles involved when launching a new planting operation, 8 Billion Trees will now be able to make an impact in Nicaragua, where entire ecosystems have been devastated over the past few decades—driven by increased livestock farming, unsustainable agriculture practices and rapid population growth.

The Nicaragua project will involve planting native species to restore biodiversity that has disappeared. The nation, which is divided into three geographical regions, currently has a forest cover of roughly 7.9 million acres.

However, current deforestation practices contribute to the loss of about one percent each year. To put that into perspective, that’s about 1.5 times the size of Washington, D.C.

Unfortunately, internal conflicts in Nicaragua from the 1960’s to the 1990’s put a stop to almost all environmental work being done by outside organizations—making Eden’s ability to establish a planting operation there all the more impressive and commendable. Only until the last decade have researchers been able to catalogue the country’s rich biodiversity, especially in the mountainous northern region.

Thanks to new laws and Eden's perseverance to carrying out their mission, the tree planting organization will now be able to work with the local government there to ensure that forests are replanted, habitats are rebuilt, and the life of the indigenous population of Nicaragua is improved.

Helping to fund the launching of a planting operation in Nicaragua that is recognized by the government there and legit, 8 Billion Trees is proud to continue supporting Eden in the fight against deforestation around the world!